New Services!

Due to popular demand from customers I am now offering interior or exterior only valeting. Prices start for as little as £25.00

For a full quote for interior/exterior only valeting contact me on 077142 43 143 or you can request a quote online


E valet for you have created a price structure according to the size of your vehicle, postcode of the vehicle's location on the day of valeting and if the vehicle has animal hair in it. E valet for you also provide an additional service of hand polishing at the moment and it will be offered after the size of the vehicle is known. Please provide this information and Eva will send you a quote with the exact price for your car.

The size of vehicle

The price is categorised according to the size of the vehicle. Prices start from as little as £45.00 for a full valeting.

Why the postcode?

Eva has created a unique way of getting herself to you wherever your vehicle may be situated. Since December 2020, she will be charging £0.25 per mile to your postcode and £0.25 back to her company postcode. This way, she can go as far as Devon and it will still be good value for you.

The animal hair in your vehicle

From recent experience, Eva found that cars with animal hair take much longer to clean, therefore if any type of animal hair will be found in a vehicle, the car will be charged additional £10 on top of the price due extra time consumption.

Hand polishing

The hand polishing is always recommended to purchase. E valet for you is using a high standard Auto Glym polishing product, which will create additional cover for the paint on your vehicle.

What does E-valet For You offer?

Simple valeting package for interior and exterior cleaning - LUXURY MUST BE CLEAN

Interior includes:
  • Dust off
  • Hoovering everywhere and everything including boot
  • Cleaning doors
  • Cleaning door’s frames including boot frame
  • Cleaning trim/dashboard and all plastics inside in a car
  • Cleaning windows and air freshener on the end.
Exterior includes:
  • Pre wash- wash off
  • shampoo/foam applying - cleaning each part of car with a special soft glove or sponge (after wash off)
  • Wheel treatment
  • Drying
  • Window cleaning
  • Hand polishing available as an additional service. Extra cost depends on the size of the vehicle
  • Finishing touches

You can have all this for as little as £45.00

What products does E- valet for you use?

At the moment Eva is using high standard products focusing on Auto Smart and Auto Glym, however she is also trying different brands which are available on the market from higher shelf products. The quality is important and therefore no cheap products are used during valeting by E- valet for you.